Solstice of the Heart

Christian Life Coaching


I had started meeting with Jeanette Austin in April of 2019. At this point in my daily walk and relationship with Jesus I had just been given, John 16:33

These things I have spoken to you, that in this world you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulations, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world. Although it had been 6yrs since my surrender to Christ as Lord and Savior again. ( I prayed salvation at the age 8, although raised as a Christian. My family had left the church at the age of 15 due to some church hurt, and my parents divorce)

I had received many healings already, My PTSD from a 16yr domestic violence relationship, forgiveness for all my abusers. I was molested as a child and a victim of date rape. Also I had received peace from my brothers unexpected death/suicide, that had shattered my family in 2003.

I was STILL battling daily anxiety and lacking bold confidence in the Lord.

Have you ever heard everything happens in God’s time? Are you familiar with Ecclesiastes 3:1? To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under the sun. I believe this, wholeheartedly, But know now!? That with him in an intimate relationship ……..That when you walk with the Lord you need to move/ walk in him, you do have to do daily work....What this means to me? I was told by the Holy Spirit while praying and reading the Bible, telling me I need to trust God in people! I needed more sound structured counsel. The past 6yrs I had been attending Church regularly showing up ready to receive a word from God. Doing Bible studies on my own. I had also finished 2 courses at the church I am currently attending and serving at. BUT STILL battling daily anxiety!!!! I prayed......A LOT! ( The result of this, is I now live a life of constant prayer, and fully know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28) I Surrendered it....again and again....and AGAIN! and AGAIN! I would go deeper in God’s word. Where I always could find and accept peace but I had to work and take care of my family, Doctors appt, my kids games and even volunteering for field trips I would get sick with anxiety. I had been weaned off all antidepressants in 2015. This is when I received my healing from severe depression. BUT STILL battling daily anxiety. I would bounce from survival mode to thriving mode....But still having panic attacks about every 3ms.( first panic attack was in 2006, 3yrs after my brothers death, I was also currently in a toxic relationship)

Jeanette was always very professional when we met. We only rescheduled only one appointment through the 5ms we met together. If you battle anxiety and depression you know this is a miracle within itself. Every single goal we talked about had gotten taken care of, checked off the list or re-evaluated and we prayed together and talked with God about it whether or not this was a goal that was in his plans for my life. I not only have grown 10 fold in my confidence in all relationships in my life. I have grown a bolder faith and trust in God. Jeanette always made me feel safe and free to be me, and for the first time in any relationship since I was a child! I have accomplished trusting God in people entirely!!!!

My high priority goal (meaning the scariest) was to apply for a Assistant Teacher job with the Preschool I was currently working part time with by Spring 2020.

I WAS HIRED SEPTEMBER 23rd 2019, AS AN ASSISTANT TEACHER ...for Skagit/Island Head Start Preschool. My dream, my purpose has come perfectly aligned in God's time, thanks to Jeanette Austin and her willingness to coach me as My Lord and savior's hands and feet!!!!


I want to thank you all in Jesus Holy Name for taking the time to read a little bit of my story and my experience and healing I had received through Solstice of the Heart Ministries.

Blessings, Emily Baumgardner