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Services And Fees

At Solstice of the Heart, I know there is a season for everything; a season of joy and sorrows.  We all go through them.  It is living life in a fallen world.   These life's ups and downs are not new, they have been around since the beginning of time. What is unique, is how we choose to walk through them.  That is why I'm here; to walk alongside each person so they can move forward. 

Areas of specialty:

Spiritual/personal growth Coaching

Women's Coaching

Hope/Grief Coaching

Free 15 minute 

 Free 15 minute consultation.

1. Is coaching the best option for your journey at this time? 

2. To gain more of a brief background so that we can move forward.

Personal Coaching

Hourly one on one sessions where we walk through the process of achieving your goals in life i.e.  loss, personal boundary issues, leadership goals or wherever you are right now.

 Coaching is a great way to walk through it.

Christian Motivational Speaker.

Experienced in both international and Christian women's speaking venues, as well as a former youth pastor.  Jeanette is passionate for empowering people with the word of God as well as sharing God's power through her own story.

Service Fees

As someone who has been in the broke category, I understand that money is always tight.  I am willing to work with anyone that wants results for their life as well as having set standards.  I know that you will get out of coaching what you put into Coaching; We are talking about life changes so that you will be successful in walking forward with your life, for that I do a sliding pay scale with a minimum base pay.   I will say that this is 100% worth your time and energy.  So, you have everything to gain.



Starting at $50

1 hr session


 Face to face

via Video Chat


Once a Month 2 Hour


Intensive Session

2 hr session

In your home


My Office


Motivational Speaking

Per event

Weekend Women's Retreats


Motivational Speaker